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Arevon Donates $30,000 to Support Bartholomew County Organizations

Collaboration with Bartholomew Consolidated School District, Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services comes as part of Arevon’s commitment to benefit its renewable energy projects’ host communities.

photo credit: VEX Robotics


COLUMBUS, IN. (May 6, 2024) — Arevon Energy, Inc., a leading renewable energy developer, owner, and operator, has pledged $30,000 in donations to the Bartholomew Consolidated School District, Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department, and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services. Each organization will receive $10,000 to support their work.


“Supporting the communities we’re part of is central to our business, and our team has been actively identifying areas of need in Bartholomew County,” said Jeffrey Lee, Director of Community Relations at Arevon. “Bartholomew Consolidated School District, Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department, and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services are doing important work that aligns with Arevon’s goals of supporting public safety, poverty alleviation, and STEM education. We are grateful to these organizations for making Bartholomew County a better place both today and for future generations.”


Arevon is developing the Swallowtail Solar Project in Bartholomew County, a proposed 200-megawatt project that would annually power up to 30,000 Indiana homes and provide more than $50 million in tax revenue for the county over its lifetime. Arevon’s partnership with the Bartholomew Consolidated School District, Clay Township Fire Department, and Turning Point  is a part of the company’s commitment to supporting the communities who host its renewable energy projects.


A $10,000 contribution will support Bartholomew County’s elementary, middle, and high school VEX robotics teams by providing resources for competition fees, storage, equipment, and more.


“The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation schools have witnessed an extraordinary surge in the realm of robotics within our district. This expansion would not be possible without the support of our community partner, Arevon’s Swallowtail Solar project,” said Davida Harden, a STEM teacher and VEX IQ robotics coach for the district.


“Through this generous donation, our robotics program is able to provide an opportunity to start our first VEX high school team as well as provide funding for our elementary and middle school teams to travel outside our corporation for scrimmages and tournaments, ensuring a potential invitation to the state-level and worlds competitions,” added Lisa Haines, another STEM teacher and VEX IQ robotics coach.


The Clay Township Fire Department is run entirely by volunteers who provide fire suppression, rescue services, and emergency medical support. A second $10,000 contribution will support their efforts to provide mutual aid to all fire departments in Bartholomew County and all surrounding counties upon request, as well as aid and assistance to law enforcement and/or Emergency preparedness officials when requested.


“Thanks to the generous donation of the Swallowtail Project, our volunteer fire department can now serve our community with greater safety and effectiveness, ensuring that we protect lives and property with confidence,” said Chief Mike Duncan of the Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department.


A third $10,000 donation will help Turning Point Domestic Violence Services serve individuals and families affected by domestic violence with support including emergency shelter, crisis intervention, legal advocacy, and youth prevention programs


Arevon’s community giving program includes targeted donations during the project development phase, a significant community fund which is established when a project enters construction, and ongoing contributions to local organizations throughout the project’s operational life.


An economic impact study of Swallowtail Solar found that the project would generate more than $50 million in local tax payments and support 340 jobs during construction and 13 long-term jobs during its 30-year life. These jobs include construction work, maintenance services, and full-time staff who will maintain the facility. The solar project would create economic growth estimated at $38.4 million during construction and $1.6 million during each year of operations.


Swallowtail Solar is still in the development process and would not start construction before 2025, pending all applicable approvals.


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