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Bringing solar energy to Bartholomew County

Arevon is partnering with local landowners to develop Swallowtail Solar, a 200 megawatt photovoltaic solar project on privately owned land in Bartholomew County.

Questions about the project? Join the Swallowtail Solar team for coffee and conversation. 

Tuesday July 16th 10 am - 1 PM

The Columbus Workshop  - 4389 N. Long Road, Columbus, IN 47203

Key Facts
  • Swallowtail Solar will be sited on 1,192 acres of private land in unincorporated Bartholomew County (outside the City of Columbus' jursidiction).

  • The project will comply with Bartholomew County's solar ordinance which requires that the land be returned to its prior use at the end of the solar project's life. 

  • Swallowtail Solar would pay more than $55 million in local property taxes paid over the project lifetime - including $31 million for local schools

Project Information

Swallowtail Solar would generate enough clean energy to power more than 30,000 Indiana homes. The project will provide local economic development and tax revenues while creating new pollinator-friendly habitat.

Swallowtail will be sited on 1,192 acres of privately owned land in Bartholomew County and provide significant economic benefits to participating landowners, project neighbors, and the region at large. Solar projects allow agricultural land to remain suitable for farming after project conclusion, and helps increase soil health.

Our team has worked and will continue to work with local citizens and officials to align the project with the long-term goals and interests of Bartholomew County.

View our project application to the Bartholomew County BZA here.

Economic Impact

The Swallowtail Solar project will deliver significant economic benefits to the local community:


  • More than $55 million in local property taxes paid over the project lifetime - including $31 million for local schools


During construction:

  • 214 direct jobs earning $23.4 million in total compensation

  • 126 indirect jobs

  • $38.4 million contributed to the county's GDP


Each year of operations:

  • 5 direct jobs earning $420,000 in total compensation

  • 13 indirect jobs

  • $1.6 million contributed to the county's GDP


Read the full economic impact study here 

Read the tax analysis for the project here 

Community Giving

Arevon believes in being a good neighbor to the communities who host our projects. Arevon’s community giving approach is centered around the following pillars:

  • Promotion, development, and/or support of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education;

  • Addressing poverty and enhancement of access to human needs (water, food, shelter, etc.), and;

  • Efforts to increase and support public safety.


As a part of this initial engagement with the broader Bartholomew County community, Arevon has made a series of $10,000 community giving commitments to local organizations:

  • Bartholomew Consolidated School District, in support of their elementary, middle, and high school VEX robotics teams;

  • Turning Point Domestic Violence Services, to provide individuals and families affected by domestic violence with support including emergency shelter, crisis intervention, legal advocacy, and youth prevention programs;

  • and the Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department, to support their efforts to provide mutual aid to all fire departments in Bartholomew County and all surrounding counties upon request, as well as aid and assistance to law enforcement and/or emergency preparedness officials when requested.

Swallowtail Solar and Arevon are committed to the longevity of community giving efforts such as this; these contributions will continue through the development and operation phases of the project.

field of pannels
Image by American Public Power Association
Image by Lina Trochez


200 MW | Powering 30,000 homes


Bartholomew County


2025 -2026


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